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Having a huge party in Los Angeles? Need to get loads of your friends from one venue to another? Or from your home to the venue? Having a wedding and need a cool and unique way to get your guests from the wedding venue to the reception venue? Or do you want to have an entire party on the bus? Whatever your reasons for needing to move a large amount of guests in a cool, party way, you can count on Los Angeles Party Bus, Los Angeles' leading party bus rental service to get you and your guests where you are going.

Party Bus Rental Services

What Is A Party Bus? A party bus is a regular bus,converted to limousine or party interior,which makes simple the best way of having a unique, amazing transportation in Los Angeles. If you choose to take up a party bus rental you will have the time of your life. Each of our buses is kitted out with the latest and greatest technology and party equipment. There is Disco ceiling and floor, LED and laser lighting, so you can really get in the party spirit, from the minute you step on board. There is even a built in bar, with a range of alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks, so you can get the party started. All drinks are complimentary offered by our party bus rental.

It may have a similar shape to a normal bus, but that is where the similarities end, as both the inside and the outside are decked out in ultimate party style. We have a number of different party buses available, depending on your party size and why you want to rent a party bus.

Party Bus Rates

Our rates are competitive. If you just have smaller party and want to travel around LA in luxury? We can help with some of our smaller party buses or limousines - they have all the great features above, like the in built bar, music system and lighting but a smaller space. Or is this a huge event for you, like a wedding, special birthday or other event? We can accommodate you there too - our larger buses can accommodate up to 50 passengers, all in extreme party comfort, and even if our largest party bus (which is pretty big), can't accommodate your party, there is no need to worry - just rent more than one of our buses,and you will get the best discount possible and you can be sure that we will get your party, no matter how big, around Los Angeles.

Occasions for Party Bus rental

There are a huge range of reasons why you might want to consider a party bus rental from Los Angeles Party Buses. Do you want to go to a range of different clubs in LA, but don't want the boring, dull and uninspiring cab ride between each one?, if you rent a party bus the journey between each venue is a party in itself, with music, drinks and comfortable seating. We offer party buses for weddings,night on a town,Birthdays,Concerts,sporting events,airport transfers and lot more...

Party bus los angeles

In fact, you might not want to get off when you reach the next club. Or perhaps you don't want to go to a club or bar at all, maybe you just want to see the sights of LA, but from the comfort of your own party bus, watching the streets go by while you enjoy a glass of champagne and some of your favorite tunes. Want to go a concert, ceremony , big game or any event really? But don't want to arrive by public transport or boring car like everyone else. Want to arrive in style, without hassle, and maybe instead of hitting a bar before your event you would rather be driven around LA while enjoying some music and drinks, before arriving to your event on time and in style. Well a party bus rental would be exactly what you are looking for. No matter what your purpose for wanting to rent a party bus, Los Angeles Party Rentals can help you.

Almost any party or even can be enhanced by the rental of one of our buses. Is It Expensive? You may think with all of these fantastic features that the Los Angeles party bus rates would be extremely expensive, and that you might not be able to afford it. However party bus prices can be surprisingly reasonable. If you need to get you and twenty five of your closest friends to several different bars and clubs over one night, the cab fares can seriously add up. Not to mention the logistical nightmare of organizing the many taxis. The Los Angeles party bus prices from Los Angeles Party Bus compare extremely favorably with the price of all them cabs. Plus you get all the extra benefits like the bar, the comfort, the music and the atmosphere. When you think of it in them terms, it is not expensive at all.

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Safety Guaranteed At Los Angeles Party bus

Your safety is our highest concern. We want you to be able to sit back, relax and enjoy your journey with us, and not have to worry about your or your guests safety. That is why we only employ the best drivers, who are well trained, fully qualified and have a lot of experience in operating these vehicles. Our safety guarantee also extends to our party buses too, each one fitted with all the safety features you would expect and every one exceeds industry and regulatory standards. Your safety is 100% guaranteed - so you can enjoy your special day. Book Your Rental Today We're sure that all the fantastic benefits of a Los Angeles Party Bus rental have convinced you that it is the perfect thing to do for your next party, event or night out. So give us a call today and we can discuss your requirements.

We're convinced that once you have used a party bus for your next event, you will never want to go back to normal transport again and will become one of our many repeat users. So don't wait, call now at: 800-546-6966 to make your reservation now.

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